Luxury Turkey Villa Holiday

Turkish Luxury Villa for Holiday

Most of the luxury holiday villas in Turkey boast private pools and mesmerizing sceneries with all extravagant amenities. Also, you can ask for the privilege of flight booking from any luxury villa authorities and relish your itinerary of the Turkey Villa Holiday right from the beginning without being involved in any hectic searching and booking of flights.

Turkey villa holiday with flight is worth it as it offersa number of activities along with deluxe accommodation, vivacious sightseeing, delectable dining, and rejuvenating opportunities. Above all, these villas are sharia-compliant, and non-Islamic activities are strictly prohibited on the premises. So, those who want to have a luxury halal villa holiday experience in Europe should plan their next vacation in Turkey

Things to do in Turkey Villa Holidays

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Cappadocia,Turkey

As Turkey is brimming with diverse terrain and fascinating attractions, this diversity offers its visitors many fun activities. For instance, the pristine beaches and lagoons are to rest, swim and enjoy the sun dipping in the vast horizon. Bays and coves alongside the shorelines are perfect for a secluded holiday. Moreover, take a boat tour to explore more of the spectacular seas in Europe.

You can also take a river cruise or snorkel with the marine wildlife in the DalamanRegion. Besides, the Bodrum region is idyllic for Turkey villa holiday, whether you want to explore the historical attractions and culture, enjoy the delectable Mediterranean cuisines or relax and adore the sunset at its white-sand beaches.

Also, in Cappadocia, Antalya, Kalkan, Istanbul, and Fethiye, there are so many things to do, like shopping, hot balloon rides, exploring caves and coves, sightseeing the mosques, temples and ruins, Boating, cruise tours, snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing at beach villas. However, the nightlife in Turkey is also effervescent and full of life.

For the booking of Turkish tours, visit this website. Here you can find many affordable tour packages for sightseeing, cruise tours, bus tours, and more. Discounts are also available for some packages.

Where to eat

Traditional Turkish Breakfast

Turkey is one of the best halal holiday destinations andalso standsamong the best countries for food. It serves its guest a huge variety of foods and halal drinks from two continents/regions. The local food is scrumptious enough to impress anyone. While visiting Istanbul, you can relish the evening walks with a street food tasting tour.

Turkish tea is the specialty and worth a trydrink while visiting Turkey, served in a tulip-shaped glass. The Turkish tea, rosehip, sage, and apple tea can be enjoyed with your group sitting in the garden of your Turkish villa.

In traditional Turkish breakfast, you will have Turkish tea, sliced tomatoes, and cucumber (are a must) along with olives, cheese, cream,sucuk (spicy sausage), bread (white/rye/grains),  and eggs. The most famous Turkish dishes are Adana kebap, Lufer, meze platters, and Baklava. You can buy ingredients from nearby markets and make your own food in the villa kitchen,

We have picked some fine halal dining options for your convenience; here is the list of them:

  • Viva café and restaurant
  • Myterrace café and restaurant
  • Beyti restaurant
  • Serbethane café and restaurant
  • Deraliye restaurant
  • Roof mezze 360

Where to stay

Staying in premium villas during a Turkey excursion is an exceptional experience which is far better than staying in hotels. Villas are ideal for family get together, privacy, and a home-like feel. The management authorities of the villa will privilege you with concierge services which may include the entire plan of the Turkey villa holiday with flights, hiring a car, choosing the right property to stay, and boat trips. Furthermore, while staying in Turkey villas, you will save a considerable amount spent in hotels for expensive foods, drinks, laundry, ironing the clothes and many other facilities.

From a gigantic list of holiday villas in Turkey, we have picked a few luxury villas to spend your breaks in Turkey, which will definitely not compromise the quality of services and make your holiday a splendid and memorable experience.

Here are some extravagant villas in turkey which

The best luxury Villas in Turkey

Beautiful and Secluded Villa in Bodrum

Beautiful and Secluded Bodrum Centre Villa

This luxury villa in Bodrum, Mugla, is an excellent choice for a group or family of six. This three-bedroom villa holds a kitchen, a Living room, garden, private pool for swimming, a small area to work, and a parking area. It boasts all necessary modern amenities like TV, heating and air conditioning, washer, and Wi-Fi. It is just a short walk away from the city center. Flight booking, chauffeur, and chef services can be availed at request.

Rent starts from $489 per night. Everything in this villa is sharia-compliant, specifically for Muslims. Therefore, this is one of the best places for a halal turkey villa holiday with flight.

To check availability and booking, here is the link.

Halal Holidays All Inclusive Villas

Halal Holiday All-inclusive Villas

This property contains 9 premium Halal villas for a holiday in Bodrum, Turkey. Each villa comprises 6 bedrooms, natural and sea views, a living room, a private pool, and an open kitchen. Free parking on the premises is available. Further facilities include air conditioning or heating, TV with cable, wireless internet, dining table, iron, and washer. Refrigerator, dishwasher, oven (microwave and built-in), electric kettle, pans, pots, cutlery, and more gadgets are provided in the kitchen. In the garden, you can enjoy taking your breakfast or a cup of tea with your companions.

The property also holds a gym and a restaurant with a fascinating sea view. Booking a Half board lodge or bed and breakfast accommodation is your choice. A villa accommodates 7 people in its 3 bedrooms. Per night stay, it will cost you a minimum of $ 228. These all-inclusive villas also give an exquisite experience for your Turkey villa holiday.

Flight bookings and car rentals can be managed on request.

Sublime Halal Holiday Villa Kumar in Kalkan

Rental Villa in Kalkan

This beautiful and sublime halal holiday villa in Kalkan, Antalya, is an ideal and dreamlike place for a Turkey Villa Holiday. Located on Squid Bay, it presents breathtaking panoramic views. It is a perfect villa for a family or group of 8 people. It houses 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and an enthralling swimming pool with sea views to give you a surreal luxury experience.

This is a pure halal place free from all non-Islamic activities as alcohol, cooking pork, smoking, partying, and pets are strictly prohibited on the property. Flight bookings, tours, chauffeur, private chef, and car rentals can be requested. Its per night rent starts from $611, which is totally worth it. To book this villa, please check the link below:

Exquisite Halal Sea View Villa in Bodrum

Luxury Villa in Bodrum, Turkey

An extravagant Villa in Bodrum with astounding sea views is one of its kind villas in Bodrum. Accommodating 12 people in 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms is idyllic for conservative Muslim families or friends. This house of Cybele is a luxury villa overlooking Bardakci Bay. From garden and balcony views of Bodrum Antique Theatre on the left side and Bodrum Castle enclosed by sailing boats in the mid and Aegean sea on the right side can be enjoyed. TV in bedrooms, hot tub, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi, and an outdoor pool with sea view are amazing comforts. Jacuzzi, food, driving, and shopping will be served at an extra charge.

Moreover, there are numerous attractions nearby to visit, along with several shops, restaurants, and bars. The nightlife is also sparkling and vibrant to get you the most of your villa holiday in Bodrum, Turkey. To book this villa for your next holiday, click the link below.

Sea View Halal Holiday Villa In Antalya

Holiday Villa in Antalya, Turkey

Serving its 8 guests with 4 modern bedrooms, a lounge, and an outdoor pool with sea views, this villa is one of the finest places to stay for your vacation. In due course, you can unwind and relax at this quiet and soothing accommodation enjoying the sunset every evening setting the mesmerizing hues. Spend some time on the beach close by with your family. Air-conditioning, heating, TV, washers, kitchen gadgets, Wi-Fi, and parking facilities are offered. To book this villa, visit the link.


Turkey is an exceptional holiday destination with all its beautiful historical, sacred, and cultural attractions. Luxury villas, enormous eateries, and uncountable entertaining activities keep you busy and blissful offer the vacationers a lifetime villa holiday experience. Besides, staying in one of its halal luxury villas will make you content and embrace your spirituality.

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