Turkey Halal Holidays

Turkey Halal Holidays – that is what I had been longing for since I have heard about the jewel of Islamic civilization. Turkey is my first love! The immense connection Muslims have with this land is simply priceless. The Muslim-friendly & Islamic destinations have everything you might look for a halal holiday destination. Had its rich culture and heritage not enough, nature has blessed this place with picturesque locations and constant sunshine.

Turkey halal holidays will bring you fun, adventure, and culture in the most halal way. Perhaps Turkey is the first country where you do not have to worry about halal holidays as soon as you think of planning your trip. The delicious cuisines and mouthwatering kebabs will ensure you will cherish the moments for life. Turkey is a perfect meeting point for Europe & Asia, and I think that is why it has a rich culture more than any other country. So be ready to enjoy the blend of two cultures at the finest during your next trip.

Turkey’s halal holidays majorly consist of exploring art and culture. It is the 6th most-visited country in the world, and there is a reason for that. It does not only attract Muslims for being a halal holiday destination, but everyone else alike for its rich history and architecture. I know the prevalent Islamic architecture is a feast for your eyes, but we just do not want to travel to Turkey for its culture solely, right? Food, I think that is going to be your first love! Delightful. Delicious. Aromatic. You must taste the Turkish Kebabs, and you cannot miss the fruity, calming, Turkish chai!

During the Turkey halal holidays, feel the depth of your faith as you head to the Hagia Sophia & the Blue Mosque. Turkey is a premier visiting destination for your halal holiday. Its iconic art & culture, the magnificent mountainous regions, tranquil beaches, and the stunning natural beauty – Turkey has it all. I will not emphasize too much its historic importance, and how it is famous for Byzantine churches, Ottoman mosques, and Roman aqueducts but I will share how each second you spend in Turkey is worth it.

Have an ecstatic Turkey halal holidays travel experience amid picturesque natural views, rich history, and exquisite architecture. The deliciousness of the food is simply incredible and people are friendly, & hospitable and I think that is one of the many reasons why people choose Turkey every year.

Istanbul – traveler’s paradise

During your Turkey halal holidays, Istanbul would be your first stop. It is a traveler’s paradise where the art & architecture is faithfully preserved! Being the capital of the two powerful empires, Istanbul boasts power and offers a divine experience. Due to its beautiful location between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, it creates an incredible contrast between the bustling city and calm blue waters. When in Istanbul, you will experience the remnants of Ottoman and Byzantine together.

Higher ceiling, stronger faith

During the Turkey halal holidays as you walk into the magnificent mosques, you will feel a depth of faith – the one that connects you to the soul of the universe, The Gracious, The Magnificent, The Kind, & The Powerful. If you are lucky enough to be in Istanbul on Friday, you can offer your Friday prayer at the Blue Mosque. The mosque is artistically designed with the Arabic calligraphic adorning the walls, and the intricate geometric patterns.

Note: You can capture the art, but photography is not permitted during prayer time.


Your Turkey halal holidays are full of adventure. The capital city of Turkey has something for everyone. Do not miss the vibrant Ankara when you are in Turkey. It hosts hotels from 2-star to 5-star ratings.

Hagia Sofia

Explore the art during Turkey halal holidays. Hagia Sofia is famous for Byzantine architecture, and the good thing about it – it is open to the public. The 1500 years old Greek Orthodox basilica turned imperial mosque is considered as the eighth wonder, and I could not disagree anymore! The perfect blend of art & architecture of a church turned mosque is unique in its own sense. The 183-foot high jaw-dropping central dome, its carved stone arches, marble interiors are priceless.


No, you cannot miss this place during Turkey’s halal holidays. Your trip will not be completed without visiting Cappadocia. It is famous for its fairy chimneys. Find peace and beauty in halal-friendly Cappadocia which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Do not miss out on the hot balloon trip which allows you to fly high over the picturesque Cappadocia terrain that tops the list. During Turkey halal holidays witness the marvelous landscape to have a great adventure at least once in a lifetime. And the sight of hundreds of balloons in the air along with yours on that beautiful backdrop is a never-miss sight by itself.

It is a million-dollar experience, it is not just the hot balloon but it’s an interesting history too. The people of Cappadocia used to live in the carved out caves of the special rock formations till the 1980s, the practice hindered once the Cappadocia is preserved under UNESCO and no personal settlements were allowed afterward. Today the caves are converted into cave hotels that are equipped with modern options including free Wi-Fi, a modern bathroom, and Turkish hammams yet the entire feel is of living in a cave.

Best places for halal dining

Turkey halal holidays are full of so much more. If I will travel to Turkey for a second time, perhaps that would solely because of its food. Food at the buffet meals is all halal, and alcohol is not served. If you are traveling with family you should check out Bera Alanya to ensure food with a view! Yes, you read that right!

Have a delightful experience at the Bera Alanya along with some breathtaking views of the Turquoise Coast. Its rich menu is sure to tickle your taste buds. Rest and rejuvenate at the luxury hotel while you make memories for life. It will ensure you have the best time. Your perfect beach holiday with halal food awaits at the Bera Alanya. Food is served all Islamic values and hygiene conditions.

Halal Honeymoon destinations

Turkey halal holidays ensure privacy. Privacy is the heart of Muslim halal traveling, and you cannot compromise on it. Choose angel’s Marmaris that offers private pools and a great atmosphere in seclusion or opt for Kempinski Istanbul features everything that you might need for a halal honeymoon for a Muslim couple.

Private family-friendly resorts

During Turkey halal holidays do not forget your little ones. I believe any trip is not just about us, but our little ones too! The family-friendly and all-inclusive resorts in Turkey will ensure you have a very comfortable environment that is equipped with entertainment facilities. The properties boast a brilliantly decorated interior with a stand of an artistic ambiance that is soothing to the sight and pleasant to feel. They have amenities like a spa, gym, kid’s club, & swimming pools separately both for men & women. Go to the Wome deluxe, or Adin resort – the choice is yours.

Whether you are beach lovers, history buffs, and adventure lovers, I think privacy is a priority when it comes to any holiday. Not just its beauty of the art & architecture, but the ever-changing political, and cultural scenarios have changed Turkey into a dynamic place.

The legacy left by some of the most powerful civilizations in Turkey makes a perfect holiday destination particularly for those conservative Muslims who love beach holidays. And that is why in recent times halal-friendly tourism is booming this period.

Sun, Sea, Single-Sex

The best thing about Turkey halal holidays is you will have separate sex activities no matter whether it is a mosque, pool, or beach which allows you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. It allows you to enjoy the sea and sun in ultimate privacy. For example, each resort offers a Muslim prayer rug in every room, and all the pools, and beaches separately designated for men and women, and mixed areas of families.

Relax back at the beach in privacy as you grab your cocktail, or sunbathe as you read your all-time favorite book – it’s simply a dreamy experience. Your ecstatic halal journey to Turkey starts now.

Turkey Halal Holidays are worth the price that will allow you to cherish moments for life, so what are waiting for? Go book your trip now!

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