Turkey Holidays

During your Turkey halal holidays, Istanbul would be your first stop. It is a traveler’s paradise where the art & architecture is faithfully preserved! Being the capital of the two powerful empires, Istanbul boasts power and offers a divine experience. Due to its beautiful location between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, it creates an incredible contrast between the bustling city and calm blue waters. When in Istanbul, you will experience the remnants of Ottoman and Byzantine together.

Istanbul – Your first stop during the Turkey holidays

The artistic interiors of the mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Starting your Turkey holidays in Istanbul is a great idea! Previously known as Constantinople, this bustling wins a traveler’s heart. It was the capital city of both the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Rich in history and culture, this old city offers various activities for your Turkey holidays.

The artistic interiors of the mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Hagia Sophia

Turkey holidays are incomplete without visiting Hagia Sophia. Pause, breathe, and explore the famous Hagia Sophia. It is a church turned into a mosque during Ottoman rule. Hagia Sophia is one of the greatest architectural displays. If you are addicted to books and films, you might already know enough about it. Yeah?

The Blue Mosque

During the Turkey holidays, the Blue Mosque welcomes you will all its majesty and extraordinary splendor. Blue Mosque remains one of the most popular mosques in the world. The artistic interior features ceramic tiles, blue paint, windows, and hundreds of hanging chandeliers. The Blue Mosque is a must-visit during your Turkey holidays. It is known for its six minarets.

The Suleymaniye Mosque

A must-visit place during the Turkey holidays is the grandest Mosque. It is the second-largest mosque in Istanbul and an iconic landmark from the Ottoman period.

Sultanahmet Square

Explore the history a little deeper during your Turkey holidays. Sultanahmet Square was the social and sporting center of the Byzantine Empire. You can visit Sultanahmet Square, Hagia Sophia, and the Blue Mosque in a single day as they are close to each other.

Bazaars of Istanbul

Turkey holidays are incomplete without a trip to the rich bazaars of Istanbul. At the center of this cultural hub are the vibrant markets. Two of the most well-known are Spice Bazaar and Grand Bazaar in the Faith District of Istanbul. These bazaars are worth visiting, as the sight they offer, is not a sight you see every day.

No Turkey Holiday is complete without visiting Cappadocia

Turkey holidays must be planned well, and it is a no-brainer. With its honeycombed hills, cave hotels, and unique structures Cappadocia has a unique beauty that you will not find anywhere. This massive area consists of at least ten towns or villages. You will find numerous cave hotels that are artistic, unique, and one of their kind. Book an all-inclusive cave hotel for extra perks.

Have a hot air balloon ride

During the Turkey holidays, people from all over the world visit Cappadocia for its iconic hot air balloon rides. Witness the breathtaking sunrise as you ascend 3000 feet in the air above the Fairy Chimneys that is sure to soothe your sight.

Visit valleys of Cappadocia

Cappadocia has many valleys. Each of them is greater than the next. Plan to visit the Red Valley, Zemi Valley, Ihlara Valley, and the Pigeon Valley. Be sure to include the Underground City of Derinkuyu and the Sunset Point in Goreme.

Explore architecture at Uchisar

Another must-visit area nearby is Uchisar. Go to the Gumusler Monastery to explore its well-preserved cave architecture. Head to Uchisar Castle for the fascinating view of the surrounding areas and witness the magnificent sunset

Must visit Selçuk during Turkey Holidays

Turkey holidays are perfect for a cultural buff. Selçuk offers a wide of historical and cultural sites. Besides, the most significant site in the town of Ephesus at 4 kilometers from the Selçuk town.

The walled ruins

Entering through the lower gate, nearest to Selçuk town, the entire city of Ephesus is a world heritage center. It features fascinating architecture and history. Moreover, some key locations include the Library of Celsus and the Ephesus Amphitheater.

Outside the walled ruins

The most compelling aspect of the city of Ephesus is, it is home to Companions of the Cave, or otherwise known as Ashab e Kahf.

Besides, notable attractions include the Isa Bey Mosque, Ayasoluk Castle, Basilica of St. John, Temple of Artemis, and many more.

Explore Antalya & its turbulence history

During the Turkey holidays Antalya will be a joy both for people who want to enjoy the beach or the historical sites. And here is what you should not miss out on.

Know the turbulent history at the Broken Minaret

This place hides more secrets than one might have expected. Spend some time exploring it and you will realize it offers a better understanding of the turbulent history of Antalya.

Mountain Tahtali

If you are a hardened outdoor activity, you will love Mountain Tahtali. Of course, it is the first thing you will love to explore when you are in Kemer. Witness the panoramic views and the magnificent sight this place has to offer. Go skiing on Mount Tahtali to feed your soul. You can also swim in the Mediterranean Sea in the afternoon to make memories for life.

Explore the blend of historic and cultural sites in Konya

Turkey Holidays provide you a great opportunity to witness a perfect blend of historical and cultural sites. Konya is a city of great importance for Muslims that hosts thousands during Turkey holidays. If you are a cultural buff, then you will not stop appreciating this place for its historical importance.

Mevlana Museum

This Sufi lodge is the symbol of Konya. It has the tomb of the celebrated 13th Century philosopher, poet, and religious leader, Mevlana Rumi. The place is decorated with gardens of roses. Besides, it hosts thousands of visitors every year.

Tile Museum

This historic Madrassa is most known for its artistic tile designs, which leave the visitor amazed.In a world quickly becoming liberal, there are very few places a person may go to truly enjoy the mix of natural beauty and historical or cultural sites. Turkey holidays offer you a complete package. And that is where you will find the blend of art, history, culture, and religion. Still, looking for the best way to have the Halal holidays with all the adventures? Book your Turkey holidays today.

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